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Creating a Bespoke Design - Extras/Upgrades

Listed below are just a few of the additional enhancement options available for your conservatory, these include:

click here for your free brochurePilkington "K" Glass: This is a really worthwhile option, especially if you hope to use the conservatory all year round. This glass varies from normal Pilkington clear glass in that one side of the glass has a special metal coating, technically known as a low emissitivity, or Low E. coating. This microscopic metal coating (which is almost indistinguishable from normal clear glass) allows shortwave radiation, like sunlight through, but reflects longwave radiation, such as heat from fires and radiators back into your conservatory making it easier to keep warm. As the Low E. coating on the glass actually makes the surface warmer to the touch, condensation is also reduced. We especially recommend this option if you decide to have a double-glazed roof.

25 mm Polycarbonate: Our standard conservatories come with 16mm polycarbonate. For a little extra, you can upgrade to the better insulating option of 25 mm polycarbonate. With its six skins and reinforcing webbing, it provides perhaps the best insulating roof option for conservatories today. For the technically minded, it has an approximate "U" value of 1.6 as opposed to 2.3 for 16 mm polycarbonate. It is available in clear, bronze tint and opal options.

Glass Roofs: An essential for those of us who like to see the stars at night! A fair amount more expensive and much heavier than polycarbonate. You will also almost certainly need some form of shading. That said - it is no doubt one of the best options - very classy and inspiring. We especially recommend the Pilkington "K" option with this. There is also the option of "anti-sun" glass for that "tinted" effect.

Leaded Lites Designs: Our favourite enhancement. Not necessary to put all over, but it does look superb in the top opening vents. Available in diamond and rectangular lead designs as well as a host of more traditional designs such as Queen Anne or Elizabethan. We also offer a superb range of "coloured lites" options (stained glass type design). See our Range.

Georgian Designs: You can fit a whole host of "Georgian" styles to your conservatory. From the more usual rectangular Georgian bar design to Georgian sweeps (arches), gothic arches, cathedral arches and specialist one off designs to match listed buildings etc.

Locking Systems: The standard locks on all our conservatory windows and doors are espagnolette multi-point locks (including night vent position) on windows and a five point lock for doors. There are many additional options including shootbolt locks, SAC bolt locking, entry guard, hook and shoot locks etc. Just contact us for further information or specify on your quotation request.

Coloured Frame Options: What colour do you want? You name it and we almost certainly can supply it. Our standard colours for PVCu and aluminium are white, whilst for hardwood it is a natural stain option such as mahogany, walnut or light oak. We can, however, provide hardwood already primed in green, cream and teak plus a whole host of options to your specification. PVCu in mahogany woodgrain and cherry oak woodgrain styles is also increasingly popular. Additionally, both PVCu and aluminium can be specially coloured in red, blue, green, black and orange! (and that's just a few of the options!)

click here for your free brochure The above only really touches the surface on some of the options available. From the most modern enhancements to the more traditional replications,
www.conservatoriestoday.co.uk and Dial a Conservatory supply the lot. To make a special request/enquiry use this link to contact us.


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